Steam Star Carpet and Tile Cleaning

What Does A Standard Carpet Cleaning Entail?

A standard carpet cleaning procedure includes a cleaning technician with necessary cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment to ensure that your carpe is rid of those ugly stains and make it look alive again. It is that easy, just book for the carpet cleaning service and await the arrival of our cleaning expert.

Can You Remove All The Stains On My Carpet?

We cannot give you this guarantee at the point the booking is made because there are some things that cause permanent stains and damage to carpets but we guarantee the removal of all removable stains, In other words if we can’t get it out then no one else can.

How Long Does Your Cleaning Process Take?

This depends on the level of cleaning chosen, how soiled the carpet is, spot removal treatments necessary and size of the area to be cleaned. A deeper cleaning will take a longer time to dry but you can call our customer care lines to get an approximate cleaning time

How Long Will It Take Before My Carpet Gets Dry?

This mostly depends on the type of carpet, the weather on the day of cleaning and ventilation of your building using fan, air conditioning or heating systems in the area cleaned can also greatly accelerate drying time

What Method Of Cleaning Do You Adopt?

At steam star we have a special preference for using a hot water extraction process on your carpets because it guarantees a more clean, residue free carpet, it also reduces drying time because our machines are equipped with suctions that sucks up a large amount of water from your carpet

 Am I Required To Vacuum Before Your Carpet Cleaners Arrive?

This is not necessary, if needed our cleaning experts will vacuum the area to be area to be cleaned before the commencement of the cleaning process, moreover our equipment vacuums all through the cleaning process.

Do I Need To Move My Furniture Or Do You Offer That Service Also?

Yes you  will need to move your furniture,  we recommend that all items be removed off every furniture, items such as electronic devices, plants, lamps. We move only furniture that can be moved safely however we do not move items like pianos, china cabinets, beds dressers with mirror pool tables etc.

What Do I Do About Spots That Reappear Even After I Have Had My Carpet Cleaned?

Most spots removed from carpets do not reappear again but some substances in the carpet backing may rise up to the surface after a cleaning process, if this happens kindly contact our customer care line.

Does Carpet Cleaning Get Rid Of Fleas In My Carpet?

We recommend that a professional exterminator be called upon to get rid of fleas especially the adult fleas as we cannot guarantee that carpet cleaning will get rid of all fleas. Also note that the carpet is not the only place that fleas can breed hence for a flea free home you should consider the treatment and cleaning of your upholstery, area rugs and pet beds.

Do You Remove Odours ?

At steam star we use a specially formulated deodoriser to remove odour sources such as faeces, milk, urine, vomit etc. it removes whatever organic odour it comes in contact with. If a total removal of odour is desired it is recommended that this deodoriser should be applied throughout all contaminated surfaces although complete removal of odour cannot be guaranteed if odour causing sources has penetrated as deep as the backing or the padding. Our deodoriser are eco-friendly and not harsh so there is no need to stay away from your home after application.

What Does Your Tile And Grout Cleaning Process Entail?

In our cleaning procedure for tile and grouts we ensure that each grout line alongside the tiles is professionally scrubbed by our cleaners who specialize in cleaning tile and grout so we give you a total extraction of dirt and grime embedded within the grout lines. We use our hot water extraction process on your tile and grout also.

How Often Should My Tile Floor Be Cleaned

Just like the case of carpets there are numbers of factors to be considered to appropriately determine the frequency to which your tile and grout should be cleaned which are; foot traffic, children, pets etc the more of these you have the more frequent you need to clean your tile and grout

How Long Will It Take To Have My Tile Floor Cleaned ?

This is also determined by the size of the tile, size of the room, amount of soil in the grout lines and the choice of application of a sealant

Do I need to have my grout sealed?

Yes it is very advisable because the grout is a porous material that can absorb soil and spills so having a sealant applied will give it a protective barrier thereby giving you more time to clean up dirt and liquid spills before they soak into the grout

How Often Should My Upholstery Be Professionally Cleaned?

It is recommended by manufacturers that upholstered furniture be professionally cleaned every 12-24 month but this should be determined by use.