Urine Treatment North Shore
Urine Treatment North Shore

Urine Treatment North Shore

Pet Urine Treatment north shore

If you have a pet in the house then you are susceptible to occasionally having pet urine accidents that leave urine stains on your carpet. The urine mostly goes undiscovered until sometime after the accident. major factors which one way or the other contribute to the change In the urine content of your pet  could be your pet’s diet , health, medication, age, sex, or reproductive cycles. And because of these changes urine stains may sometimes become irremovable.

Even if you don’t have a pet, then chances are that you have a child and potty training can be a challenge with both pets and children, take for instance your child might not make it in time to the toilet and he just pees on the carpet. What is most essential is that pet urine treatment North Shore ensure that the urine is cleaned up immediately from the carpets in order to prevent some potentially serious effects on your carpet and your health. Below are a few dangers of having animal urine residues on your carpet;

The most noticeable after effect of your pet’s urine is on the carpet is the strong stench of ammonia. Although, generally, there are traces of ammonia in urine, cats have a higher concentration of ammonia in their urine than dogs, hence if your pet takes a leak on your carpet and such urine is not cleaned immediately and well enough, the water in the urine tends to evaporate leaving an even higher concentration of ammonia and this can have a negative effect on people who have COPD, asthma and may even cause allergies. You can trust pet urine treatment North Shore to handle such matters.

Pet Urine Treatment North Shore

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Although most bacteria that grow as a result of old pet stains pose no threat to anyone with a healthy immune system, however in those with weaker immune systems as a result of age, like the very young children, medication or illness these bacteria can cause significant health issues. This is enough reasons for you to consult with pet urine treatment North Shore to prevent Repeated pet urine stains that is not immediately and properly cleaned soaks through the carpet and settles into the padding below, they attract moisture overtime and aid the growth of a variety of moulds underneath the carpet. The carpet padding most likely sits on a subfloor that is made out of wood. Over time, the urine soaks through the carpet and the padding below and into the subfloor, with repeated pet urinary accidents the wood becomes more saturated and may even begin to rot.

Pets are fun to have around the house but cleaning after them might not be as fun but it is a responsibility that must not be neglected these are a few reasons why you need professional hands to handle the pet urine treatment of your carpet. it is not just casual cleaning and it doesn’t only remove the odour caused by this urine, the urine treatment of your carpet also eradicates moulds and leaves your carpet bacteria free. the pet urine treatment products we use are environmentally friendly and of the best quality