SteamStar Carpet and Tile Cleaning About Us
SteamStar Carpet and Tile Cleaning About Us

In a world of diverse uncertainties, we can be certain about one thing which is that carpets and upholstery can get covered in stain pretty quickly

Who we are:

Steam Star Carpet, Upholstery & Tile Cleaning is a private company and a fast rising household name in the steam cleaning industry we have become a mainstay in the hearts of moms, professionals and pet owners in the greater area of North Shore, little wonder we boat a growing list of converts into our customer base, customers that employ our services never opt for a one off service

We are a company with the vision of keeping every home and business area sparkling hygienically clean, clear and germ free leaving the air in your home of office fresh

It is our goal to keep your offices relaxing for your customers herby making the ambiance fit for business

It is also our goal to help keep that family bond by making your home a place to be for friends and family

What we do:

We specialize in meeting all possible steam cleaning service options to give you a home or business area you can be proud of. Our ranges of service are;

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Tile, grout and stone cleaning
  • Driveway and pavement cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Leather lounge cleaning
  • Car cleaning
  • Boat cleaning
  • Plane cleaning
  • Flood damage restoration
  • Carpet and rug dyeing

So whatever your cleaning needs are we are well positioned to give you a service that can always count on and we do this because we respect and appreciate  every one of our customers and we understand that they always want services they can count on and so we take off the burden of a continuous painstaking search for a reliable steam cleaning service provider for each specific cleaning need.

How we do it

The secret to our skyrocketing increase in the numbers of our customers, with a growth rate of 86%, is our customer service; from the point when you either walk into our office or give us a call up to the point where we give you that deserved satisfactory cleaning service, as our customer centred values all point to efficiency. With no down time delay in the provision of your required cleaning service, we do not want to be in your way and so we get in and out of your building (either residential or commercial) in the shortest time attainable, the use of high grade environmental friendly cleaning products with high tech cleaning equipment and a team of happy friendly cleaning experts. We make steam cleaning look so easy.

Why it matters

“We are not satisfied until you are satisfied”

The yard stick with which we measure our successes, even more than the number of customers serviced, is the number of happy and satisfied customers we have. Our customers are the reason we are in business and as a result what matters most to us is that every customer is satisfied with services rendered.

The trust we have built with our customers is the reason we give such a premium service with equality to all our customers and this is why your satisfaction matters to us at Steam Star

Our cleaning procedure

Unlike any other carpet cleaning service providers, steam star carpet upholstery and tile cleaning offer an even more effective and efficient cleaning process which is the hot water extraction process (HWE), popularly called steam cleaning, which will clean your carpets leaving no stains, residues, and damages behind, we achieve this with a custom carpet cleaning machine which pumps hot water into your carpet and in urn releases any dirt embedded deep within the fabrics of your carpet and also extracts the water and removes the dirt, the suction of our machines are so powerful that it sucks up large quantities of water from your carpets thereby making your carpets dry and ready for use in the shortest time possible .

At steam star carpet upholstery and tile cleaning we have conducted a series of tests and done various research in order to help us give adequate answers to questions like; the methods most suitable for the type of carpet you have, what cleaning methods and products are eco-friendly and many more

Our staff

Our quest to offer quality service to you is the reason why we get the most qualified hands for the job. What differentiates us from some other cleaning service providers is that they outsource their recruitment but at Steam Star we go through the recruitment process ourselves which in turn ensures that we get the best people we know for the job and it doesn’t just stop there, we make sure that every member of our staff undergoes continuous training in the use of new and more effective cleaning methods and in the use of high tech cleaning equipment. We pride ourselves in having the happiest staff in the industry as every member of our team always discharges their duty with a smile. We keep all members of our staff happy because it is our belief that a happy cleaning technician cleans better.

Our cleaning technicians enjoy giving our clients the best service even as they help to bring their carpets, upholstery and rugs back to life and at the end of the day every string of fabric will not only look brand new but also feel brand new.