Matress Cleaning North Shore
Mattress Cleaning North Shore

Mattress Cleaning North Shore

No matter how clean your home is, if the mattress is not as clean, it will affect the indoor air quality and general health of all occupants.

Remove allergens and dust mites from you Mattress with Mattress Cleaning North Shore

Mattress Cleaning North shore

The mattress is an indispensable piece of furniture, we spend about a third of our whole day on in.  Our bodies produce about half a litre of sweat and shed nearly a whole gram of skin while we sleep. This explains why the mattress cleaning is important.  It easily becomes home to dust mites, bacteria and fungi. As a matter of fact, the average mattress contains about two million dust mites with their excrement and even more than that.  Gross!

By coming in contact with such unhygienic conditions, you are exposing yourself and your family to quite a number of health risks, a number of which are asthma; hay fever; eczema; allergies and many other skin or respiratory problems.  With time, the unhygienic mattress becomes noticeably dirty and oozes a foul odour, making you uncomfortable and denying you a good night rest. Most people regularly change their sheets, linen and pads, clean their pillow and pillowcases and think that’s enough. Apparently not.

As earlier explained, the mattress houses much more dirt than is thought of and should be cleaned regularly.  Even when you think you can actually clean the mattress yourself, know that it is a lot safer to leave the cleaning to a professional like Mattress cleaning North Shore. A mattress that is not properly cleaned can result in other problems

  • It can result in making the mattress moist and a damp environment is breeding ground for mould and mildew, which defeats the purpose of the cleaning.
  • It can damage the upholstery and structure of your mattress.
  • You may end up with lingering odours.
  • Using a multi-purpose vacuum will prove ineffective as it is not built to handle beds and upholstery.
  • Mattresses usually cost a lot, in some cases above $500. This essential piece becomes an investment.  When they are properly treated and maintained, good mattresses may last over 10 years and have long warranty periods. However, when they are not properly cleaned or treated, it can totally void a warranty.
  • When not properly cleaned, the mattress still exposes the owner to a number of allergies and health challenges.

Deep and Hygienic Mattress Cleaning North Shore

We are an expert mattress cleaning. Mattress cleaning Sydneyhelp restore your mattress to a hygienic and pristine state for the health and safety of you and your family.  Whatever be the damage caused to your mattress, we are sure to fix it thoroughly, cautiously and deliver on time.

Experts recommend a mattress be professionally cleaned at least twice a year, to reduce risk of health challenges and improve general wellness and quality of sleep.

Proper and thorough cleaning of mattress usually requires special techniques and tools to reach the folds and crevices of the mattress.  Keeping a clean mattress involves a high level of attention to detail.

 Our professional mattress cleaning North Shore will take the time to thoroughly clean and restore your mattress to its pristine condition. We use specially designed tools to painstakingly treat your mattress, ensuring

  • Improved air quality.
  • Allergens are contained.
  • Dust mites are eliminated.
  • Skin irritants are eliminated.
  • Better sleep quality and comfort.
  • Mattresses are deodorizer.

Mattress cleaning requires patience, skill and high level of attention to details.  When one or more of these qualities are overlooked in choosing your mattress cleaner, you may end up with an unevenly cleaned mattress, which still poses health risks to you and your family.  This is why we are the favourite choice for furniture cleaning and restoration in Sydney. We have a proven track record of uncompromising professionalism that speaks for us. Contact us today to get the best offer on mattress cleaning North Shore.